Can I apply for Start-up India Program after Company Incorporation?

Start-up India programs are available for emerging startups having a capability of generating employment and solving problems of the mass appeal. Here, eligible startups can easily apply under this program. Subsidies under the Startup India program will cease to exist in case the company crosses the 25 Cr annual turnovers in a financial year. The following are the benefits of Registration under the Start-up India Program.

  • 0% Income Tax benefits for 3 Years.
  • 0% Tax on Capital Gain.
  • All government approvals from one Web Portal.
  • Fast-track processing and 80% rebate on Startup Patent Registration.
  • Free Legal Agreements.
  • Start-up Funding.
  • Free Mentorship and Access of knowledge.

14 Mandatory Compliances for a Private Limited Company

Enterslice has been supporting thousands of startups like yours; you can subscribe to our annual compliance package. Below is the annual compliance checklist for small companies (Capital below Rs 50 Lac and turnover below Rs 2 Cr)-

  • Appointment of Auditors with 30 days from the date of company registration.
  • Minimum 2 board meetings in every 2 quarters.
  • GST Payments on Monthly / Quarterly basis
  • Monthly TDS Payments
  • Quarterly TDS Returns
  • GST Annual Returns
  • Conduct 1st AGM within 15 months.
  • Filling of Annual returns MGT-7, AOC-4, MBP-1, and DIR-8.
  • Director reports about the operation and performance of the company.
  • Maintenance of statutory register etc.
  • Circulation of Financial Statement other documents to members and directors.
  • Filing of Income tax returns by or before 30th September of following financial year.
  • Filing of Tax Audit report to Income tax department (in case Gross receipts is more than Rs. 1 Cr)
  • Income tax Assessment

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